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Custom Hair Replacement System

  • Cindycut makes human hair custom hair replacement systems.

  • Do hair replacement systems installation needs certificate or not?

  • Interestingly enough Not! Only the haircut requires ceritification.

Cindycut offers affordable and undetectable hair replacement system for men and women so you can regain your confidence with natural looking hair.  Our custom hair system prices can't be beat .


Client Testimonials

Hi Cindy, I have to tell you - got my new hair replacement system cut in yesterday. These may be the best lace front wigs I've ever had. Beautiful Remi hair, but also the fit is perfect. No wrinkles, ripples or irregularities. Hard to tell where my scalp ends and the lace front starts. Thanks, Diana, GA hair system price


I received my new system a couple of weeks ago and it is just beautiful! I am a former member of Hair Club. I can personally tell you there is a vast difference in your hair systems prices and theirs. Your hair does not tangle and matt when you shampoo as theirs. The cap is light and much more breathable and I don't hear that sound like paper when I scratch my scalp. The hair is soft and beautiful and real. Your products are great and comparable to their products but the prices are much, much better. I was told when I left Hair Club that I could come back when I found there was nothing better. I found your web site and the prices are so much better as are the systems. I am a Cindycut girl for life. Your staff is so pleasant, helpful and patient. Thanks for your help and this beautiful head of hair. Now, I just have to learn to manage it and I will have hit a home run. Sandra


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Crowning Glory

Hair has been referred to as our "crowning glory.

Society has placed a great deal of social, cultural and religious importance on hair and hair styles. If your hair is gone or requires coverage with the finest european hair wigs we are here to help. With our great knowledge, understanding and experience, our primary goal is custom making the highest quality, most realistic European Human Hair replacement system hairpieces and wigs to suit your needs. Let us work with you...whether you are a stylist or a hair wearer we are here for you.


Many More Testimonials

Hello Cindy, I'm not sure how in just a matter of 3 months I have found myself turning into a hair replacement salon all because I invested u your genius on an idea The Cable Weaving Machine. I use it at least 2 times a day an its changed my world an my pockets. I thank God for true professionals like you whom take the time an extend a courtesy to stylist like me who always is looking for the best way to service my clients......Your detail in your instructional video has been by far the best I've seen in a while an I've only been doing hair for 7 years so I'm glad I got in early. I can now put my grandson through are a blessing to the industry.

Hair Products

Hair Knot Sealer 

TDI Hair Knot and Tape Tab Sealer-controls shedding!

Nearly Natural 

Keeps your human hair wigs feeling like brand new!


 Stock Lace Wigs

full lace wigs

Offering Stock Systems Full and Front Lace Wigs!




Hairpiece Tapes

hair piece tapes

Double sided tapes - all sizes for all base materials!


Hair System